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Judy Halbert

Judy Halbert

Dr. Judy Halbert leads the Transformative Educational Leadership Program alongside Dr. Linda Kaser at the University of British Columbia. As co-director of the Networks of Inquiry and Indigenous Education (NOIIE), she is dedicated to social change, and has made great strides in educational innovation, leadership, and Indigenous equity programs in BC. Over the course of her career,  Judy has served in a variety of roles within the education system, including as a teacher, as a principal, as a district leader, and as a policy advisor with British Columbia’s Ministry of Education.

Judy is deeply committed to achieving equity and quality for all learners—and to networking for innovation and improvement across systems. She is the co-author of numerous books on this subject, including The Spiral Playbook (2017), Spirals of Inquiry (2013), and A Framework for Transforming Learning in Schools: Innovation and the Spiral of Inquiry (2014) with Linda Kaser and Helen Timperley.

Judy received the Distinguished Service Award from the BC School Superintendents’ Association for outstanding contributions to public education. Along with co-director Linda Kasert, Judy has been recognized by the Big Change Organization as a Pioneer for her work with NOIIE, and she was co-recipient of the prestigious Cmolik Prize (2019) for the enhancement of public education in British Columbia with Linda Kaser and Debbie Leighton-Stephens. 

Judy is passionate about making a difference and loves being around curious people.

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