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Leading Through Spirals of Inquiry

For Equity and Quality

Expected to ship: 2022-05-31

In this guide for school leaders, discover specific strategies, real-world examples, and a proven framework to help create and sustain innovative learning environments.


Experienced educators Judy Halbert and Linda Kaser expand on their previous work in this all-new book for school leadership teams. Written for teams ready to get started—or keen to go deeper—this book will provoke new thinking and provide specific strategies for accelerating meaningful change.

Leading Through Spirals of Inquiry walks the reader through the six stages of the Spiral of Inquiry, a proven framework to help you 

  • overcome inequality to create genuine equity and change outcomes for students;
  • transform learning environments at both the school and district level;
  • clarify the direction for new professional learning based on evidence from educational research as well as real-world examples of innovative practices from other schools;
  • challenge long-held biases and assumptions guided by clarity of purpose, a growth mindset, and a stance of curiosity;
  • effectively incorporate self-reflection and continuous improvement in your learning environments.

Building on the experiences and wisdom of inquiry leaders from around the world, this book provides support for the specific issues leaders face during the process of change, as well as ways to engage in and support inquiry networks across schools, districts, and other jurisdictions.