Hands-On English Language Learning Middle Years

by Jennifer Lawson

Grade: for grades 4–6
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  • Softcover

Hands-on English Language Learning program is a resource for classroom teachers, specialist teachers working with English-language learners, and other educational professionals who support these students. In developing the resource, the authors referred to current curricular documents and to research in English-language acquisition. Careful attention has been given to basic language skills, essential subject-specific vocabulary, and knowledge required by middle-years English-language learners.

To assist your students in developing language skills, this resource includes:

  • specific curricular connections for each lesson to identify links to subject-area themes in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, health, physical education, and the arts
  • integrated class activities to promote learning in context for all students in the classroom
  • career connections that offer students an opportunity to explore employability skills and career choices within the context of English-language learning
  • suggested activities focus on curricular topics in all subject areas, while supporting English-language learners
  • lesson topics that relate specifically to the interests and lives of middle-years students
  • relevant topics, such as the classroom and school, clothing, food, hobbies and interests, plants and animals of Canada, the world, and the environment
  • age-appropriate, high-interest learning activities that foster the development of essential English-language vocabulary and skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing, and representing
  • activities (in keeping with the philosophy of all Portage & Main Press Hands-On programs) that are student-centred and focus on real-life, hands-on experiences

Please note: All blackline masters are included on a CD.

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