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Teacher Guide for April Raintree and In Search of April Raintree
A Trauma-Informed Approach to Teaching Stories of Indigenous Survivance, Family Separation, and the Child Welfare System

First published in 1983, In Search of April Raintree is a Canadian classic that presents a heart-rending and powerful account of the harsh realities that Indigenous and Métis peoples face.

Written by ...

Teacher Guide for Three Feathers
Exploring Healing and Justice Through Graphic Storytelling in Grades 7–12

Use this guide alongside Three Feathers to explore themes of restorative justice, healing, community care, and resilience with your students.

Written by Rotinonhsón:ni (Kanien’kehá:ka) educator Jerica ...

Teacher Guide for This Place: 150 Years Retold


The graphic novel, This Place: 150 Years Retold, includes a variety of historical and contemporary stories that highlight important moments in Indigenous and Canadian history.

Written by Anishinaabe educator ...

Teacher Guide for Sugar Falls
Learning About the History and Legacy of Residential Schools in Grades 9–12

Sugar Falls is a story of strength, family, and culture that shares the awe-inspiring resilience of Elder Betty Ross. Taken away to a residential school, Betsy is forced to endure abuse and indignity, ...

Surviving the City Teacher Guide

The Surviving the City Teacher Guide provides support for teachers addressing sensitive topics in the classroom (such as racism, caregiver illness, the child welfare system, residential schools, and ...

A Teacher's Guide to Student Inquiry
For Betty: The Helen Betty Osborne Story

A Teacher’s Guide to Student Inquiry for the graphic novel Betty: The Helen Betty Osborne Story is a FREE resource. The guide provides support for utilizing Betty in high school social studies courses. ...

Achieving Indigenous Student Success
A Guide for Secondary Classrooms

In Achieving Indigenous Student Success, author Pamela Toulouse provides strategies, lessons, and hands-on activities that support both Indigenous and non-Indigenous learners in the secondary classroom. ...

Creating Pathways for All Learners in the Middle Years

In this third volume of It's All About Thinking, the authors focus on teaching and learning in the middle years, transforming principles into practices, and exploring such questions as: How can we help ...

Rethinking Letter Grades
A Five-Step Approach for Aligning Letter Grades to Learning Standards

Authors, Caren Cameron and Kathleen Gregory, offer a practical five-step process for arriving at letter grades that moves away from collecting a string of marks and calculating a grade. They offer an ...

Reading Assessment Program Guide For Grade 11
Rubric and Reading Passages

The series Tools for Instructions and Reading Assessment is a companion piece to Dr. Jennifer Katz's book Teaching to Diversity. The series, which supports the three-block model of universal design for ...