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Canada, A Country of Change

1867 to Present

Table of contents


About This Book

Introduction: Citizenship in a Country of Change

I. Putting Canada Together

1. Canada in 1867

2. Manitoba Becomes a Province

3. From Sea to Sea: Adding Provinces and Territories

II. Challenges for a New Country

4. Aboriginal Peoples in the New Country of Canada

5. The Newcomers

6. Into the 20th century

III. Canada Grows Up

7. World War I, 1914–1918

8. Between the Wars: Change and the Depression

9. World War II, 1939–1945

IV. Shaping Contemporary Canada

10. Canada on the World Stage

11. A Modern Industrial Nation

12. A Changing and Diverse Society

V. Canada Today

13. What Makes Us Canadian?

14. Toward a Fair and Just Society

15. Our Government

Conclusion: Into the 21st Century

Appendix A: Timeline

Appendix B: Prime Ministers of Canada


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Canada; A Country of Change (1867 to Present) explores the characters and events that have shaped Canada. Through Confederation, two world wars, Depression, and post-war prosperity, Canada has risen to become the free country we know today. In this book, your students will discover the exciting story that defines our nation. It includes:

  • Historical photographs and artwork;
  • Primary archival documents, including letters and other first-person accounts;
  • Sidebars that extend the main text;
  • Profiles of Canada’s prime ministers;
  • Fun facts that connect history to children’s own experiences;
  • Maps and charts designed for young readers; and
  • Much more.