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Canada, A Country of Change: Teacher's Guide

1867 to Present

By Linda McDowell & Marilyn MacKay
Imprint: Portage & Main Press

Categories: Education, Social Science
Loose-leaf book : 9781553791997, 484 pages, February 2009


The teacher's guide for the textbook, Canada, A Country of Change: 1867 to Present provides many useful ideas, strategies, and activities for teaching Canadian history to grade 6 students.

The hands-on activities in this resource are designed to help students read and comprehend content material, regardless of their reading level. The activities motivate students to become interested in learning.

The guide includes:

  • suggestions for research and note taking
  • outline maps and diagrams for students or for classroom overheads
  • puzzles and problem-solving activities
  • various assessment opportunities

And much more!