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Teacher Guide for Three Feathers

Exploring Healing and Justice Through Graphic Storytelling in Grades 7–12

By Jerica Fraser
Imprint: Portage & Main Press

Categories: Education, Language Arts, Social Science, Secondary
Ebook (PDF) : 9781774921173, 5 pages, November 2023

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Preparing for Reading
    • Exploring Authentic Indigenous Stories
    • Representation Through Graphic Novels
    • Familiarizing Yourself with the Author and Indigenous Communities in the Text
    • Key Themes and Connections
  • Knowing Your Learners and Using Trauma-informed Practices and Approaches
  • Balancing Stories of Trauma with Joy
  • Engaging Learners with the Graphic Novel Three Feathers
    • Engaging Before Reading
    • Engaging During Reading
    • Extending the Learning After Reading

For educators of grades 7 to 12, Teacher Guide for Three Feathers explores themes of restorative justice, healing, community care, and resilience.


Use this guide alongside Three Feathers to explore themes of restorative justice, healing, community care, and resilience with your students.

Written by Rotinonhsón:ni (Kanien’kehá:ka) educator Jerica Fraser, the Teacher Guide for Three Feathers offers:

  • an inquiry approach to engage learners before, during, and after reading
  • suggested activities, questions, and ideas
  • support for discussing the importance of diverse and authentic representation in visual storytelling
  • considerations for trauma-informed practices when approaching sensitive topics
  • ways to practise cultural appreciation and provides context when introducing Indigenous stories
  • respectful protocols for engaging with Indigenous histories, teachings, and stories
  • a balanced approach to stories of Indigenous trauma with stories of Indigenous joy and healing

These approachable and engaging activities are most appropriate for grades 7–12. This guide can be used in a range of subject areas including English language arts, visual art, social studies, and history.