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Teacher Guide for We Need Everyone

Empowering Students to be Active Community Members Through Indigenous Perspectives in Primary Classrooms and Beyond

By Jerica Fraser
Imprint: Portage & Main Press

Categories: Education, Social Science, Health & Sexuality, Elementary
Ebook (PDF) : 9781774921210, 6 pages, January 2024

Table of contents


  • Introduction 5
  • Engaging With Indigenous Stories Through Picture Books 6
    • Teaching Through Picture Books 6
    • Framing Indigenous Joy 6
    • Embedding Indigenous Content and Pedagogies Within the Classroom 6
    • Key Themes and Connections 7
  • Before Reading 7
    • The Importance of Story and Being a Good Listener 7
    • Exploring the Text 8
  • During Reading 8
  • After Reading—Extending the Learning 9
  • Everyone Has a Gift activity sheet 11

Empower students to identify their gifts with this guide alongside the inspiring picture book We Need Everyone.


Written by Michael Redhead Champagne, an award-winning Ininew (Cree) community advocate, public speaker, author and a proud member of Shamattawa First Nation, We Need Everyone empowers children to identify their gifts and use them to overcome challenges, achieve goals, and strengthen communities. Inspiring and uplifting, this interactive picture book ignites children’s natural curiosity, while also developing their respect and appreciation for Indigenous knowledges.

With the Teacher Guide for We Need Everyone, educators of grades 1 to 3 can provide multiple opportunities for students to learn about the diversity within and across Indigenous communities, histories, knowledges, and perspectives, while exploring their own unique histories, beliefs, identities, cultures, and gifts. This helpful guide explores  key connections and themes in We Need Everyone including:

  • building strong communities
  • celebrating diversity within and across lived experiences and identities
  • exploring and discovering individual gifts
  • examining identity and sense of belonging
  • reviewing Indigenous perspectives and ways of knowing, being, and doing
  • and more!