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Grand Conversations, Thoughtful Responses

A Unique Approach to Literature Circles

Second Edition

By Faye Brownlie
Foreword by Leyton Schnellert
Imprint: Portage & Main Press

Categories: Education, Language Arts, Reading & Phonics, Professional Development, Language Arts & Disciplines, Study & Teaching
Paperback : 9781553798774, 168 pages, October 2019
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781553798828, 168 pages, November 2019
Ebook (PDF) : 9781553798835, 168 pages, November 2019
Ebook (Mobi) : 9781553799061, 168 pages, November 2019
Paperback : 9781553790549, 97 pages, January 2005

Help your students become sophisticated readers, who not only respond thoughtfully to texts, but also choose to read.


Grand Conversations, Thoughtful Responses is built upon the premise that all students can become active, independent, thoughtful readers. The structures and strategies in this book are proven to help students develop confidence and competence in their reading. Student engagement with text soars through participation in grand conversations with peers and reflecting on reading with thoughtful, written responses. This unique approach includes:

  • student choice in books
  • students reading at their own pace, thus creating flexible groups
  • literature circles where students discuss the shared text they are reading
  • strategies for teaching written response
  • strategies for co-creating assessment criteria
  • additional activities to develop and deepen comprehension
  • book lists

This new edition has been expanded to include examples and book lists for grades K to 12.


With this unique approach to literature circles, our students are reading more, are writing more and are excited about talking about their books!  The enthusiasm in the class is contagious with even our more reluctant readers wanting more time – and more books – to read.   It is a pleasure to join a group and participate in the conversation.   Our students’ ability to make deep connections to one and other and to their reading is amazing.

Tanis Anderson, Literacy Programme Consultant, K-12 and a team of Burnaby teacher