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One Without the Other

Stories of Unity Through Diversity and Inclusion

By Shelley Moore
Foreword by Leyton Schnellert
Series: Reimagining Inclusion: The ONE Series
Imprint: Portage & Main Press

Categories: Education, Inclusive Education, Professional Development, General
Paperback : 9781553796589, 90 pages, July 2016
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781553796992, 90 pages, February 2017
Ebook (Mobi) : 9781553797005, 90 pages, February 2017
Audiobook : 9781553799160, April 2021

Table of contents

Foreword v

Introduction 1

Part 1: What Is Inclusion? Debunking the Myths 7

1 Inclusion Is Not Just About Students with Special Needs 9

2 Inclusion Is Not Integration 12

3 Inclusion Is Not a Place and Time 18

4 Inclusion Is Not a Destination 24

Part 2: What Is Inclusion? Telling the Stories 31

5 Inclusion Is Presuming Competence: Under the Table 33

6 Inclusion Is Putting People First: A Gay Danish?! 35

7 Inclusion Is Diversity: A Composition 42

8 Inclusion Is Critical: The Split 48

9 Inclusion Is Learning from Each Other: The “Other” Kids 53

10 Inclusion Is Collaborative: The Bears 59

11 Inclusion Is Multiple and Diverse Perspectives: My Bully 66

12 Inclusion Is Leaving No One Behind: The Sweeper Van 79

Acknowledgments 86

References 88


In this bestseller, Shelley Moore explores the changing landscape of inclusive education. Presented through real stories from her own classroom experience, this passionate and creative educator tackles such things as inclusion as a philosophy and practice, the difference between integration and inclusion, and how inclusion can work with a variety of students and abilities. Explorations of differentiation, the role of special education teachers and others, and universal design for learning all illustrate the evolving discussion on special education and teaching to all learners. This book will be of interest to all educators, from special ed teachers, educational assistants and resource teachers, to classroom teachers, administrators, and superintendents.


Shelley Moore is a gifted storyteller. Her willingness to be vulnerable and share the moments in which she has experienced inclusion and exclusion, power and need, allow all of us to see the connection between our own lives and the experiences of our students. Shelley is passionate and inspirational – she will cause you to think, to cry, to laugh, and to dream.

Jennifer Katz, author of the Teaching to Diversity series

This book is a must-read for all teachers, educational assistants, administrators…well basically anyone who works with and for children. I love Shelley Moore for so many reasons: she is Canadian (and from my hometown!), she is by far the most engaging speaker I have had the pleasure of seeing (5 times and counting…), but most of all, she explains inclusion, and how to do it, in a way that makes everyone want to be a better teacher. [Her book] is a quick and easy read, with tons of humour and analogies that help you remember the important information.

Sarah Holmgren, Learning Leader Blog

Shelley’s voice will move you from raucous laughter to tears in a heartbeat. ..Her inclusive vision, honouring the potential and promise of each person, each strengthened within an interconnected community, becomes our North Star. One Without the Other challenges each of us to value diversity and move beyond inclusive platitudes to action.

Faye Brownlie, co-author of the It's All About Thinking series

Every teacher should read this book. Shelley Moore's narrative flows like she's sitting in the room with you relating her stories. The book is a quick, easy read and a wonderful introduction to inclusion. Moore's message is one that all educators should carry with them. .. kids come first, everything else is secondary.