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Table of contents


Lesson One: What Is Prejudice?

Lesson Two: Does Society Judge Teenagers Negatively?

Lesson Three: Media Analysis of Contemporary Prejudice

Lesson Four: Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes

Lesson Five: KC Adams’s Perception: A Photo Series

Summative Assessment Suggestion: Perception Social Media Student Campaign


As more and more school divisions in Canada adopt anti-racism policies, KC Adams’s Perception: A Photo Series, and the story of how it came about, provide an entry point for a discussion about racism and other forms of prejudice in today’s world. The five lessons in this guide, by Indigenous educator Reuben Boulette, will give teachers the tools they need to explore these realities with their students, with a final project that students can relate to their own experiences.

The Teacher Guide for KC Adams’ Perception: A Photo Series is a FREE resource. The guide provides support for using Perception: A Photo Series with high school students.

In the guide, you will find:

  • lessons related to historical and contemporary Indigenous issues in Canada, Indigenous history, social justice and equality, and active citizenship
  • suggestions for teaching sensitive issues
  • guiding questions to encourage and guide discussions
  • assessment suggestions