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The World Today

Its People and Places

By Linda Connor, William Norton, and Michele Visser-Wikkerink
Imprint: Portage & Main Press

Categories: Education, Social Science, Arts & Humanities
Hardcover : 9781553790822, 315 pages, July 2006
Ebook (PDF) : 9781553799733, 315 pages, September 2021

Table of contents


Introduction: Thinking Geographically

Section I: Describing this Planet

1 Where in the World

2 Our Physical World

3 Our Human World

Section II: Well-Being around the World

4 Quality of Life

5 Universal Human Rights

6 Democratic Values and Principles

7 Power and Wealth in Today’s World

8 Working Together around the Globe

Section III: Societies and Ways of Life

9 Society and Culture

10 Adapting to the Natural Environment

11 Indigenous Peoples of the World

12 Comparing Cultural Expressions

13 Changing Peoples and Places

14 Health and Well-Being across the World

Section IV: Ecological Effects of Modern Societies

15 Peoples and Places of Europe

16 Peoples and Places of the Americas

17 Influences of the Past

18 Moving to the Cities

19 Toward a Sustainable World

20 Sharing the Planet

Conclusion: Making Sense of the World Today




This exciting student textbook presents a contemporary global look at human geography. The World Today: Its People and Places connects your students to different cultures and geographical areas and helps them develop a sense of global awareness and responsible citizenship.

This engaging textbook includes unique and interesting features designed to help your students become geographically literate. Explore the world with your students using:

  • hundreds of illustrations and stunning photographs of people and places
  • detailed maps, charts, and graphs
  • quotations from contemporary international and Canadian public figures
  • hundreds of glossary terms conveniently highlighted in the text
  • guiding questions; concluding and summary comments

Special-interest icons that appear throughout the textbook guide your students to further learning adventures, discussion topics, media investigations, opportunities for developing social studies skills, informative Internet sites, and much more. Recommended by Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth as a Manitoba grade 7 social studies learning resource.